Storage Bed

Storage bed offer not the usual sleep space but it also creates additional storage space for people who need to maximize storage space.This is one of option which many new and young family would consider.
Storage bed would be an ideal choice for small bedroom.


Storage bed varies in sizes of Single/Twin, Queen, King and Super King.

Some of the factors that determine which storage bed would suits you best:
- Budget
- Size of the room
- What do you intent to store
- How you would like the storage to be utilized

2 main types of Storage Bed:

1) Divan beds with drawers
2) Ottoman divan beds

Divan beds with drawers

Divan beds would the optionfor decluttering and store items which would access on regular basis. For instance,apparels,kid’s playthings and footwears.

Divan beds come with choice of drawer layouts to cater your needs and maximizespace. Divan beds have one to four drawers in general. Base on your need you candecide how the layout of the drawers can be arranged.

Ottoman divan beds
Ottoman divan beds will be the option for storing items that would not be access on frequently basis.For instance, mattress cover/linens, pillows, and blankets.

Ottoman divan beds, comes with gas-lift hydraulic system is used to lift the mattress. This make the opening easier with minimal effort is to access the maximum storage within the bed

Storage beds may not always be the best choice. Sometime, a normal bed and chest of drawers may be a more ideal choice. Bunk beds with a storage space underneath are often more practical than a divan or ottoman storage bed.Everyone is needsare different, so what suits one person might be for another.

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