Single Size Bed

Single Size Bed is a furniture piece that can be used to relax. Modern beds nowadays, consist of a soft mattress which lies on the bed frame. The bed frame is either made up of a wooden slate or a sprung base.

Beds are available in a variety of sizes ranging from baby cribs or bassinets to giant Ceaser size beds. Most beds have a single mattress on a bed frame, however, there are also other different styles such as the “Murphy” bed which fold into a wall.

Bed Sizes

Generally, bed sizes in every country are almost all the same, however, the names of these bed sizes tend to vary. The “double” size bed typically appears to be the same size in most English speaking countries. This may be due to the imperial measurement of 136 cm x 190 cm.

In the 1950s, North America introduced a new size of bed that now goes by the name of “king size”. This came after the historical “twin” or “double” beds. This was later named as a “queen” sized bed.

Single Size

UK and Ireland

The smallest size is usually the single sized bed. In the UK and Ireland, a Single Size Bed is actually the second smallest after the "small single" that measures to 75 cm x 190 cm. After this, the Single Size Bed measures to 90 cm x 190 cm.

European sizes also may be used in the UK that comes from IKEA or imports. The European size of a single bed is measured to be 90 cm x 200 cm which is slightly longer than the standard UK size.

North America

In North America, the Single Size Bed is also known as a twin size bed which measures to 99 cm x 188 cm or 39 x 74 inches.

A common misunderstanding in North America is that people assume a single bed is smaller than a twin bed when in reality, they are both the same size.

Australia and New Zealand

The standard Australian size for a single bed, also the smallest size, is measured at 92 cm x 188 cm.

The same size is used for a standard single bed in New Zeland as well.


In China, bed sizes are not measured as they are in other countries. Rather, the beds in China still follow numerical forms to identify the size and not names. So, the typical Single Size Bed in China would approximately range from 80 cm to 120 cm x 190 cm to 210 cm.

Bunk Beds

A type of single bed is called the “bunk” bed. This is a piece of furniture that consists of two single beds placed on top of one another with space in between them.

A bunk bed also includes a ladder or a stepping space in order for the individual to climb upward towards the top bed.

Bunk beds can be either formed with two single sized beds or three single sized beds. Another form of a bunk bed is the “full over full” bunk bed. This comprises of both, the top and bottom bed to be full sized.

Twin Bed

Many people face confusion when differentiating between a Single Size Bed and a twin size bed. They assume that a Single Size Bed is smaller than a twin size bed. The name “twin” generates to some people that it is designed for more people than a Single Size Bed is.

Both single sized beds and twin sized beds are measured at the same numbers of 90 cm x 190 cm, however, the only difference is that a twin sized bed is supposed to be a pair of two single sized beds.

These are commonly used in hotel rooms designed for siblings or guests that do not intend to share a bed.

The twin sized bed is also available in a range of further sizes. One of these may be the Twin XL (extra large). A twin XL sized bed is a very long bed that has approximately an extra 12 or 13 cm in its length.

Why Do They Have Different Names?

Both the single sized bed and the twin sized bed are the same size, so why is there so much confusion in the names? The reason for this is simply due to the varying countries.

In North America, particularly the United States, a single bed is referred to as a “twin” bed. On the other hand, in the UK and Ireland, it is known as a “single” sized bed. Thus, the only difference in both is the terminology that is used in different countries.

Other Bed Sizes

Small Single or Cot

A small single bed or “cot” in some countries is the minimum size for all beds. This size is measured at 76 cm x 191 cm in North America and 60 cm x 190 cm in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

In the UK and Ireland, the single sized bed can be used for a single person and two small single sized beds joined together are usable as a “short King” bed.

Small Double

Also known as a three-quarter sized bed, this is one that is measured to 120 cm x 190 cm in the UK, Ireland and, North America.

Full or Double

The next bed size is the full or double bed that is measured at 130 cm x 190 cm in North America and 135 cm x 190 cm in the UK and Ireland.


Here we have the Queen sized bed which, in North America, is measured at 150 cm x 200 cm. The “Queen” sized bed is known as the “King” size in the UK and Ireland as it is the closest that comes to its size.

Super King and California King

The largest bed size currently is known as the Super King in the UK and Ireland and the California King in North America. Both sizes are measured at 180 cm x 200-213 cm and have the ability to fit up to 3 persons.

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