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Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are the pests that hide in dark secluded areas. They are small parasitic pests that suck blood from the human body and, thus, leaving germs in the body. They are small, wingless insects. They come out at night to feed. Though they are small but visible to the naked eye. Bed Bugs usually appear in oval-shape, they are about 0.2 inches in length, brownish-reddish in color, and trampled shape with bulging eyes.

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Like mosquitoes or parasites, Bed Bugs stay alive by feeding on our blood. Unlike common pests, they are nightly, most active at night. They prefer to feed in the dark when most people are sleeping. Many people ignore the symptoms of Bed Bugs as they are not always evident.


Bed Bugs

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Bed Bugs Bite



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Practical Tips to Avoid Bed Bugs

As we know that Bed Bugs live in cushions and sofa and feed on their host's blood, which are warm blood animals including us human beings. Their feeding time is typically at night when they won't be disturbed by anything or anyone. Bedbug bites itch and burn and become pink to red and flat or raised lesions. If you get bitten from the bedbug, the first and best treatment is to apply current corticosteroids. It will take a few days before the bites vanish.

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